Famed game creator Hideo Kojima went all the way from Tokyo to Germany for this year’s Gamescom just to reveal some details regarding his upcoming title, “Death Stranding.”

Kojima showed three videos to an excited crowd, revealing two characters and giving a short glimpse of how the gameplay will look like. Here’s a quick glance at what the legendary game maker revealed in Gamescom.

New characters

Kojima, via a translator, said Death Stranding features many unique characters. Each of these characters has a sub-story apart from the main story. Some characters will be played by familiar faces and big names like Mads Mikkelsen, Guillermo Del Toro, Troy Baker, Léa Seydoux, Tommie Earl Jenkins and Nicholas Winding Refn. These aren’t the only faces players will see in the game, though.

  • Mama

One of the videos shown during Gamescom revealed a character simply called “mama,” played by Margaret Qualley (from “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” “IO” and 2017’s “Death Note”). She is called “mama” because she’s the mother of a girl who was born on the “other side.”

“Mama’s setting is that her baby was born unfortunately on the other side and not in her world,” Kojima said.

Strangely, “mama” and the baby are connected via an invisible umbilical cord. “Mama” explained that her daughter comes to her to nurse even though she can’t “drink” her mama’s milk. She also explained that because she remains connected to her daughter via the unseen cord, she can’t leave her place and move to another location.

  • Bridge Baby

Another video revealed details about the baby stored in some sort of container in front of Sam’s (Norman Reedus) suit. The baby is called a “Bridge Baby” and helps Sam detect the presence of BTs or monsters in the game.

While the game requires players to take care of the baby, players are warned not to become attached to the baby. Taking care of him/her will require some time getting used to -- the baby will sometimes feel stress or angry depending on the situation, and players will need to learn how to respond.

  • Preppers

The game also introduced what Kojima calls “preppers.” These people normally live alone because they are hiding from BTs or other characters. Geoff Keighley from The Game Awards played such a role. They are not necessarily part of the main storyline but finding them will brind some sort of reward in the game.

Death Stranding 2 Sony's Shuhei Yoshida said "Death Stranding" will make players cry. Photo: PlayStation.Blog / Flickr