Delta will now have to pay back $175 million dollars in loans that was used to bailout Northwest Airline's as it closes training centers and moves the facilities to Atlanta, Georgia, Delta's home.

The agency of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport said the confirmed date of repayment on Wednesday.

The money is expected to be paid off by the beginning of next year and will then directly go to bondholders instead to the government. The closure is a move to save money, the company said.

To consolidate some operations from the current Minneapolis facility to Atlanta, Delta told workers in Minnesota who are willing to relocate to will be offered jobs. However the Minneapolis airport insists that Delta must maintain a workforce of 10,000 workers to remain at the airport as stated in the lease agreement.

CEO Richard Anderson said this will help to cover up the rising fuel prices that are taxing airlines across the industry. Engineering and technical support teams will also move to Georgia.