• "Demon's Souls Remake" is exclusively available on Sony's PS5
  • The remake features the same challenging game that PS3 players love
  • Dragon God is the final boss of the Archstone of the Digger King in the second world of “Demon’s Souls Remake.”

One of the formidable bosses in "Demon’s Souls Remake" is the fiery behemoth Dragon God, and while some players may find it hard to defeat him, there is an easy way to slay the enormous beast.

Dragon God is the final boss of the Archstone of the Digger King in the second world of “Demon’s Souls Remake.” He is the boss featured in the game’s opening sequence, and is as gigantic as his presence. Other bosses in the game require players to make use of the bosses’ weaknesses. However, with the Dragon God, players would need to use their stealth skills. The strategy is basic, but the execution requires a little preparation and knowledge.

How to Beat Dragon God Boss

This particular boss fight in "Demon’s Souls Remake" is actually very easy and requires a few simple steps. Players must hide behind the pillars and destroy the debris. After that, they can fire the ballistas. The fight involves stealth, and players must make sure they stay out of the Dragon God’s sight.

Demon's Souls
A battle in "Demon's Souls" takes place. PlayStation

Players could run-up to the dragon and hide behind the first pillar on the right. It is worth noting that getting into the first ballista is the more challenging part of the boss fight, considering that the enemy’s gaze does not stray far from the player’s location. When he is no longer looking, players should run to the right, clear the path by destroying the debris and hide behind the pillar as fast as they can.

The Dragon God will most likely roar, but it does not necessarily mean it will launch an attack. After that, players should run to the next set of debris while evading the Dragon God’s gaze. In the next ballista, the boss cannot attack the players, so they must make use of this to heal up prior to launching the harpoon into the boss’ side.

With the Dragon God wounded, it will be in agony. "Demon’s Souls Remake" players could use this time to destroy the debris blocking their path to the left. If the Dragon God opens its eyes, players should hide behind the pillar. But, if its eyes are closed, they should immediately stick another harpoon on its side.

With the boss incapacitated, players should approach its head and land finishing blows. Players should stay away as it exhales because its breath could still cause fire damage. When the Dragon God boss is eliminated, “Demon’s Souls Remake” players get 26,800 souls and a Dragon Demon Soul.