• "Demon's Souls Remake" is a PS5-exclusive title
  • The "Remake" introduces a new consumable item -- Gold Coin
  • Some players have discovered how they can kill most enemies in the game with just a single hit

"Demon’s Souls" is one of the most challenging titles ever released, and its PS5 version "Remake" is no different.

There are times when players wish they had the ability to easily slaughter demons and bosses in the game. Interestingly, some players may have discovered a clever way to do so in the "Demon’s Souls Remake".

It appears there is a glitch in "Demon’s Souls Remake" related to Gold Coin, which is a new consumable item Bluepoint introduced in the game’s PS5 version. YouTube content creator ymfah shared a video containing the step-by-step tutorial on how this glitch works. Based on the video, this glitch transforms characters into a one-hit killing machine.

To take advantage of this glitch, players would need to farm Gold Coins. This new consumable in "Demon’s Souls Remake" boosts Luck for a particular period. For the Luck stat to increase at an overwhelmingly fast rate continuously, players should use a Gold Coin before talking to the Maiden in Black.

demon's souls ps5
Blueprint's Demon's Souls remake is gearing up to be one the premiere PS5 launch titles.

With the two effects combined, the game becomes confused and the player’s Luck would start multiplying infinitely. Apart from this, the YouTuber also shared the Blueblood Sword is the only weapon in "Demon’s Souls Remake" with physical and magical damage that scales with Luck.

Once players obtain the Blueblood Sword, they can use the Gold Coin to boost this weapon's attack to insane levels. Players’ newfound power would allow them to defeat most enemies in the game with just one hit. It does not end there; players can also use the Gold Coin glitch to do other things in the game.

This includes the ability to obtain rare items in "Demon’s Souls Remake". Players could get special Luck weapons easily using this glitch. However, it is important to note that once players use this trick, they would not be able to level up. There is a video that players could check below, which includes the process of how to obtain the Blueblood Sword.

"Demon’s Souls Remake" is the latest version of the original game developed by From Software and released in 2009. The game is currently available on the PS5 gaming console.