• "Genshin Impact" recently introduced a powerful Claymore called The Unforged
  • There is only one way to obtain it
  • Here are the crucial things players need to know about it

The Unforged is the brand new Claymore in "Genshin Impact" and it's available in the game's Epitome Invocation banner. It is a powerful weapon that's perfect for Claymore users. In this guide, players can learn the stats of this new weapon, the best characters to equip it with and the tricks on how to get it.

What The Unforged Is

The Unforged Claymore is a new weapon that could drive away wicked people and evil spirits in the game. It is an edgeless Claymore that seemingly possesses divine might. In terms of rarity, it is a 5-star weapon with a Base ATK of 46 and a Base ATK at level 90-608.

Its skill is called Golden Mastery, which increases Shield Strength by 20%. When a player scores hit on enemies, it increases its ATK by 4% for 8 seconds. However, it can only occur once every 0.3 seconds. When protected by a shield, the ATK increase effect is boosted by 100%.

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How To Get The Unforged

Unfortunately, The Unforged is entirely exclusive to gacha. As mentioned earlier, it is featured in the Epitome Invocation banner. Interestingly, the likelihood of pulling this powerful Claymore in a Wish is increased by 75%. It is not every day that drop rates are increased to this degree, which means players who want to pull this weapon have the best chance to get it now.

Best Characters For The Unforged

The Unforged is undoubtedly created for Xinyan. As a powerful DPS character, Xinyan's abilities could be amplified by this new Claymore. Her skill enables her to create a Pyro Shield that could deal damage to the enemies. The Unforged can double the ATK increase of Xinyan's skill and could make her a lethal character.

Another character that could make good use of The Unforged is Noelle. Her shield abilities work almost in the same way as Xinyan's. Equipping her with The Unforged makes her a deadly character even in the early part of the game since she is available at launch.

"Genshin Impact" is now available on PC, PS4, iOS and Android devices. It is also in development for Nintendo Switch. The game currently has over 400 million players worldwide.