• The Osmiomancy Gloves greatly enhance the potency of Coldsnap Grenades
  • Glacial Harvest is required for creating Stasis shards
  • Kinetic primary weapons can quickly shatter frozen targets from a distance with Whisper of Rending

Stasis is a powerful tool that’s effective in much of the content that “Destiny 2” has to offer. It offers a solid balance between utility and lethality that keeps it on par with the recently-reworked subclasses.

Warlocks, in particular, have a few exotic gear pieces that double-down on Stasis’ ability to freeze and shatter targets over a wide area. Here’s one build that capitalizes on one such exotic that’s great for both PvE and PvP.

The Loadout

The keystone exotic here is the Osmiomancy Gloves, which grants an extra Coldsnap Grenade charge while making them seek targets more aggressively. Additionally, hitting an enemy directly with a Coldsnap Grenade reduces the ability’s cooldown.

Aggressive Coldsnap projectiles are extremely oppressive in PvP. They’ll leave Guardians completely defenseless, making them helpless against a follow-up shotgun blast or kinetic weapon damage empowered by one of the Stasis fragments.

In PvE, Coldsnaps become invaluable for crowd control. It’s easier to use the cooldown reduction effect of the Osmiomancy Gloves on NPC enemies since they don’t move as erratically as players do.

As for weapons, Kinetic primaries are highly recommended as they can be used to shatter frozen enemies more quickly. Alternatively, use a weapon with Headstone like the Syncopation, Eyasluna, Krait or New Purpose for better synergies with aspects and fragments.

The Osmiomancy Gloves in Destiny 2
The Osmiomancy Gloves in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Subclass Setup and Armor Mods

The two recommended aspects for this build are Bleak Watcher and Glacial Harvest. The latter is very important because Coldsnaps remove the player’s ability to create Stasis Crystals for creating shards.

Use the following fragments for maximum ability regeneration, survivability and shatter potential:

  • Whisper of Rending
  • Whisper of Shards/Torment
  • Whisper of Fissures
  • Whisper of Chains

As for armor mods, use Elemental Shards so that all Stasis shards contribute to grenade energy regeneration. Pair this with Well of Restoration for even more cooldown reduction.

Avoid using Grenade Kickstart as it won’t work with any exotic that grants an extra ability charge. Elemental Ordnance won’t work either as direct kills with Coldsnaps rarely happen. Vacant mod slots are best used for other mods like High-Energy Fire, Elemental Charge, Font of Might and more.

Aggressive players can swap Bleak Watcher for Frost Pulse and use the Distribution mod for class ability regeneration.