• The Iron Banner is only available during the first week of each month
  • This PvP event is designed as an end-game mode where the player's light level matters
  • The Iron Banner drops some of the best PvP weapons in the game

With “Destiny 2’s” Iron Banner PvP event only coming once per month, players need to be aware of the true value of each weapon drop they get from this game mode. As many Crucible fans already know, Lord Saladin’s monthly activity can reward players with some of the best PvP guns in the game.

There are “Destiny 2” weapons and perks that can only be obtained from the Iron Banner, so players should always think twice before they scrap their loot. This is especially true for new players as they may not know the true value of the weapons and perk rolls that they got.

Before anyone dismisses their Iron Banner loot, here’s a list of arguably the best items players can get from this monthly “Destiny 2” activity.

Destiny 2's 30th Anniversary Pack will add a set of armor inspired by the Thorn hand cannon Destiny 2's 30th Anniversary Pack will add a set of armor inspired by the Thorn hand cannon Photo: Bungie

The Steady Hand

This 120 RPM hand cannon is one of the few in its archetype that can roll with a damage perk. In the Steady Hand’s case, it can drop with Swashbuckler, which can allow players to down others in the Crucible with only two shots.

The Iron Grip perk can be useful for this weapon, but players may find the Steady Hand’s already slow reload speed to be too bothersome.

Time-Worn Spire

Unlike most of the other rapid-fire pulse rifles, the Time-Worn Spire can roll with high-zoom scopes that can drastically boost its effective range. When paired with perks like Vorpal Weapon or Rampage and another low or medium-zoom scope, players can find the Time-Worn Spire to be an incredibly effective tool against other Guardians.


With a small frame, high stability and a clear target picture, the Peacebond is one of the smoothest-firing sidearms in the game. It can roll with perks like Iron Reach and Rangefinder to help bump its effective range as well as Swashbuckler for extra damage.

This is also one of the only weapons so far that drops with Headstone.


The Riiswalker is one of the most sought-after shotguns in the game. It’s a kinetic lightweight frame shotgun that can roll with Slideways, Surplus and Vorpal Weapon, all of which can make it a formidable weapon in the Crucible.

This shotgun also grants players some extra movement speed due to its light frame.

Multimach CCX

The Multimach is one of the best SMGs in the game right next to Shayura’s Wrath. This weapon fires at a blistering 900 RPM and can roll with high-zoom scopes and Kill Clip, which can give it enough range and firepower to outgun many other weapons in the game.