• Warlocks can become extremely mobile in the Crucible with certain builds
  • Many good Warlock players prefer enhanced mobility over raw damage
  • Warlocks can use the new Ager's Scepter weapon to great effect

Warlocks can easily dominate PvP matches when used properly. Like the rest of the classes, exotic gear can help players reach their peak potential more easily by giving powerful perks and buffs for certain playstyles.

The sheer diversity of playstyles that Warlocks have access to has made them a popular choice among many players, and their pool of unique exotics only serves to make every one of these styles even better.

Here are some exotic Warlock armor pieces that players may find handy in “Destiny 2’s” PvP.

Shadebinders can forth a glacial staff that can blast enemies with freezing bolts Shadebinders can forth a glacial staff that can blast enemies with freezing bolts Photo: Bungie

Ophidian Aspects

These exotic gauntlets can boost a Warlock’s neutral game by providing bonuses to weapon reload speed, handling and melee range. With the nerf to Quickdraw, some players may find the Ophidian Aspects extremely useful for running around with shotguns or other quick-swap weapons.

The Ophidian Aspects are great for every playstyle and let Warlocks focus on their gunplay and positioning without tacking on too many other mechanics to worry about.

Mantle Of Battle Harmony

Aggressive players who want to deal as much damage as possible should consider using this exotic, as it grants Super energy whenever a precision kill is landed with a weapon that matches the Warlock’s subclass. When Super energy is full, the chest piece also grants increased matching elemental weapon damage.

Mantle of Battle Harmony can combine with weapon perks like Kill Clip and Rampage, allowing players to two-tap with a 120 RPM hand cannon or melt enemies with automatic weapons. Ager’s Scepter is especially useful with this armor piece as they both play around Super energy.

Transversive Steps

These pants are arguably the best choice for aggressive players simply because it buffs sprint speed. Transversive Steps enables Warlocks to skate across maps, reach power positions first and outmaneuver enemies with ease.

It also automatically reloads whatever weapon is currently equipped, which is a nice bonus considering how much sprinting is done inside the Crucible.

Lunafaction Boots

Despite being more popular in PvE, Lunafaction boots can be very powerful inside the Crucible. It will mostly be used with Empowering Rift, which will buff weapon range dramatically. This pairs extremely well with rapid-fire pulse rifles like the Gridskipper as the range boost eliminates the gun’s main weakness.

The Stag

A Warlock PvP exotic list won’t be complete without The Stag. This helmet grants damage reduction to players standing inside a Rift. When the wearer reaches critical health, they gain Rift energy back, and when they’re killed, they spawn a Rift on their corpse.

The Stag is especially useful when playing with friends. It’s also immensely valuable in Trials of Osiris for its defensive capabilities.