• Loadouts can vary greatly between PvE and PvP
  • Titans can be made more competitive in PvP with the right loadouts
  • Some exotic items are great for both game modes

“Destiny 2” exotics can define a playstyle to focus around their unique strengths. As such, finding the right exotic armor piece to use in the Crucible is important if players want to win more games.

The Crucible is a completely different playing field compared to the usual PvE activities like strikes, raids and seasonal events in “Destiny 2.” Loadouts that work great in PvE won’t always work well in PvP and that includes exotics.

Here are some of the most effective exotic armor pieces for Titans in the Crucible as of “Season of the Lost.”

Destiny 2 Beyond Light added tons of new content, including armor, weapons and the first three Darkness subclasses Destiny 2 Beyond Light added tons of new content, including armor, weapons and the first three Darkness subclasses Photo: Bungie

Precious Scars

While this helmet won’t exactly make rounds in standard Control or Rumble game modes, it does excel in modes where allies can be revived like Showdown and Trials of Osiris. Precious Scars will grant an overshield whenever the user revives or gets revived, making it great for clutching those last Guardian standing situations.

It also heals whenever the user scores a kill with an energy weapon that matches their subclass, which is great for pressing a 3v2 advantage.

One-Eyed Mask

Despite numerous buffs, One-Eyed Mask is still a powerful exotic in the Crucible because of the momentum it can generate. Enemies that damage the user are highlighted in red, and when they’re eliminated, the user gains an overshield.

This overshield can be extremely advantageous in 1v2 situations and can easily lead to longer killstreaks with weapons like shotguns or fusion rifles, making this a great choice for aggressive players.


Players who like to run around with close-ranged weapons can use the Dunemarchers to complement their playstyle. The Dunemarchers empower melee attacks after sprinting for a short duration, making the next hit deal normal melee damage to the primary target while dealing 85 damage to every other enemy in the vicinity.

This chain lightning effect can be a huge playmaker for teamfights in all Crucible game modes, as it can easily allow teammates to mop up wounded enemies.

Heart of Inmost Light

Heart of Inmost Light buffs a Titan’s abilities after using at least one of them. Using a grenade, melee ability or Barricade will empower the other two abilities, making them recharge faster, do more damage or gain extra health.

The damage buff to grenades and melee abilities is strong enough to deal significantly more damage to other Guardians, which could come in handy for pushing positions or when an enemy with their Super up is wreaking havoc.