• Behemoths can specialize in absorbing damage while constantly throwing grenades at enemies
  • High Discipline and Recovery armor pieces are recommended
  • Any weapon can work with this build, but those with Demolitionist or Adrenaline Junkie are recommended

Despite the previous nerfs to Stasis, the Titan’s Behemoth subclass in "Destiny 2" can still be strong and very fun to use in PvE if built properly.

The Behemoth is arguably the most durable of all Titan subclasses thanks to Stasis aspects and fragments. "Destiny 2" players can spec toward improving these passives to make their Titans nearly unkillable in all but the most difficult of Nightfall strikes, playing around Stasis crystals while constantly throwing grenades to create cover and opportunities to heal or deal damage.

Here’s one Behemoth build for "Destiny 2" players who want to thrive in the frontline.

Destiny 2's Behemoth class controls the battlefield by freezing foes and creating walls of Stasis crystals to block enemy fire Destiny 2's Behemoth class controls the battlefield by freezing foes and creating walls of Stasis crystals to block enemy fire Photo: Bungie

Behemoth Aspects

  • Cryoclasm
  • Tectonic Harvest

The build relies on creating and shattering Stasis crystals with Glacier Grenade and Cryoclasm’s empowered slide. Throw a grenade into a crowd then slide into one of the crystals by either edge of the wall to gain grenade energy, overshields, damage resistance and elemental wells.

Behemoth Fragments

  • Rime or Chains
  • Torment or Shards
  • Fissures

Whisper of Chains grants damage reduction whenever players are near crystals. This pairs nicely with Whisper of Rime as picking up Stasis shards will grant overshield.

Torment and Shards can help boost grenade recharge even more. Players can choose between these based on the difficulty of the content they’re doing.

Fissures will boost the AoE and damage of shattered crystals, increasing one-shot and multikill potential for spawning elemental wells.

Armor Stats and Exotic Pick

For this build, players will want to get as much Discipline as possible to maximize the uptime on Glacier Grenade. High recovery will also help with sustaining health and shields.

The Armamentarium exotic chest piece is a great choice for this build since it adds another grenade charge.

Armor Mods

  • Elemental Ordnance
  • Well of Ordnance
  • Well of Life or Explosive Wellmaker
  • High-Energy Fire
  • Elemental Charge or Shield Break Charge

Elemental wells help supplement Tectonic Harvest’s ability recharge, maximizing grenade and melee uptime. Solar wells still contribute toward energy recharge, and Elemental Ordnance can proc off Glacier Grenade’s shatter damage.

Well of Life can be exchanged for Explosive Wellmaker for even more well creation at the cost of health regeneration.

Elemental Charge is a great way to become Charged with Light, but Shield Break is more preferable for difficult content like Nightfalls.

Mods like Bomber can also help with grenade energy recharge in cases where going for wells is too risky.

Recommended Weapons

Any weapon with Demolitionist or Grenade Junkie is great for this build. Stasis weapons with Headstone also synergize very well with Cryoclasm and Tectonic Harvest. Fusion rifles with Particle Deconstruction are recommended against bosses and tough enemies.

Loadouts will vary depending on the type of content. For Nightfalls, always bring a weapon that can stun champions and try to leave some mod space for anti-champion mods.