• All weapons can be competitive in the hands of a skilled player
  • Weapons from raids and Trials of Osiris are not included in the list
  • Alternate weapon options are provided for some choices that may be difficult to obtain

The current Crucible meta in “Destiny 2: Season of the Lost” has an incredibly diverse selection of viable weapons unlike in the previous seasons. Players can be seen using almost every weapon type in PvP now thanks to the previous nerf to shotguns, sniper rifles and 120 RPM hand cannons.

New “Destiny 2” players who want to get into PvP can use any weapon they want, but for those who want to keep up with the competition, here’s a short list of some of the best legendary guns to pick up and use.

“Destiny 2” players should note that this list will not contain any of the Trials of Osiris or raid weapons as they are all incredibly powerful, especially in the right hands. All weapons listed here are still competitive but are much easier to obtain for new and veteran players alike.

Felwinter’s Lie

This shotgun remains one of the best Crucible picks post-nerf due to its intrinsic Shot Package perk, which keeps the gun’s spread relatively uniform. Felwinter’s Lie is an incredibly aggressive frame shotgun that any player can find success with.

The gun can be obtained from the Monument to Lost Lights.

Darkest Before

The Darkest Before is a rapid-fire pulse rifle that handles exceptionally well. Its low recoil and high rate-of-fire make it a great option for short-mid range duels, and it can roll with even more shot consistency perks like Surplus and Elemental Capacitor.

However, it can only be obtained after completing the Prophecy dungeon. A decent alternative would be the Gridskipper from Season 14’s Override activity.

Bottom Dollar

This 120 RPM hand cannon can hit extremely hard if rolled with Explosive Payload or Multikill Clip. It also has a good range and a high aim assist stat, which make it very easy to use.

The Bottom Dollar only drops from Gambit and has a very low drop chance. Its perk pool is also saturated, which will make god roll hunting difficult. A nice alternative to this is the Dire Promise, which can be bought from Banshee or Xur.

Chroma Rush

Chroma Rush is one of the most popular auto rifles in Crucible in the current season. It has a high rate-of-fire, controllable recoil and the ability to roll with Kill Clip and Moving Target, which allow it to melt players almost immediately.

This weapon drops from the Override activity. Players who have no access to Override can opt for Sorrow’s Verse instead, which can roll with Dynamic Sway Reduction and Multikill Clip.

Chroma Rush is a legendary auto rifle in Destiny 2 that sports a high magazine capacity and fast fire rate Chroma Rush is a legendary auto rifle in Destiny 2 that sports a high magazine capacity and fast fire rate. Photo: Destiny 2