• Players will now appear on the radar even while invisible
  • Weapon damage scaling in Gambit has been fixed
  • Glaives received a buff to their charge rate

A new hotfix went live just in time for the weekly reset in “Destiny 2,” and it has quite a few important changes that players shouldn’t gloss over.

Hotfix is fairly small, but it’s brought some big changes to a few of the biggest concerns that “Destiny 2’s” community has had with the game recently. One such concern is the prevalence of Void Hunters in the Crucible and the dominance of Void Invisibility in PvP.

As of the current version, players will now briefly appear as pings on the radar even if they have the Void Invisibility buff active. According to the patch notes, players will be visible on the radar for 0.6 seconds every three seconds. This means that they still have a chance to sneak up on others.

Normal radar rules apply. Double-jumping and sprinting will still make players appear on the radar as usual even while invisible.

Breach Savathun's Throne World and take back the Light in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen
Breach Savathun's Throne World and take back the Light in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Bungie

The hotfix also fully implemented the crafting cap changes detailed in the previous This Week At Bungie installment. Players should now be able to stock up on materials to allow for some more leniency when it comes to swapping perks. Keep in mind that the removal of Element currencies will be reserved for next season.

This patch also fixed some broken weapons and buffed the charge rate on all of the glaives. The Lament exotic sword now properly damages Barrier champions, and the rate of fire for the Explosive Personality now matches that of other Wave Frame grenade launchers.

All of the existing glaives, including the three class-specific exotics, now require only four projectile hits to reach full charge instead of six.

Lastly, a plethora of bug fixes was introduced. The biggest fix in this patch resolves the issue regarding weapon damage scaling in Gambit. Players will no longer be able to one-shot other Guardians with weapons like Eriana’s Vow or a fully-stacked Dead Man’s Tale.

There are still roughly two months left before “Season of the Risen” ends. Players can expect more changes down the line as Bungie gathers feedback from the community, especially on the PvP side of the game to improve the Trials of Osiris experience every weekend.