• Grandmaster Exodus Crash demands patience and optimized loadouts
  • Players are advised to proceed with caution during the Arc Pulse segments
  • Well of Radiance and the Titan's Shield are recommended for the final boss 

The Grandmaster version of the Exodus Crash strike is one of the most loathed missions in the game because of its difficult and annoying encounters as well as its relatively lengthy completion time.

Even the most experienced Guardians will have trouble with Grandmaster Exodus Crash, but this challenge can still be beaten with the right mindset and proper strategies.

Here are some tips on how to beat the Exodus Crash Nightfall strike on Grandmaster difficulty for those who are having trouble with it.

Destiny 2 features three distinct classes that each have multiple sub-classes to choose from, paving the way for diverse builds and team compositions Destiny 2 features three distinct classes that each have multiple sub-classes to choose from, paving the way for diverse builds and team compositions. Photo: Bungie

Recommended Loadouts And Team Compositions

Players will only have to deal with Solar shields for the entirety of this mission, making weapons like Ticuu’s Divination and the Vex Mythoclast ideal. GM Exodus Crash also spawns Barrier and Overload champions, so be sure to bring the appropriate mods and weapons to deal with these enemies.

Solar and Stasis classes with Thermoclastic Strike and an anti-barrier auto rifles are great for this strike, as a single Guardian with this setup can stun both champion types reliably. Middle-tree Sunbreaker Titans are arguably the best at stunning Overload champions thanks to their throwing hammers, but Stasis Hunters are also viable.

Since the vast majority of the enemies in this strike are Fallen, it’s best to equip at least one Arc Resistance mod.

The Slow And Steady Approach

The best way to do Exodus Crash is with the slow and steady approach, especially during the segments with Fallen Pikes and Arc Pulses. Pikes can shred players to bits within seconds, so it’s best to take them out before collecting pulses.

Exodus Crash also throws a lot of Exploding Shanks at players, especially toward the end of the mission. Make sure to keep an eye out for these enemies since they can kill Guardians in a single explosion.

Boss Fight Tips

Players will need to do their best to survive against the horde of Fallen during this boss fight. From the boss arena entrance, head to the left-most platform and hunker down.

The boss itself is best fought with a sword and the Passive Guard mod from the Wayfinder’s Compass. Passive Guard boosts a player’s survivability while holding a sword, allowing them to freely deal damage. Since the strike boss relies on close-range attacks, swords with Passive Guard will be extra useful.

A Warlock Well of Radiance or a middle-tree Void Titan can help with surviving the Fallen onslaught in-between boss phases. The Phoenix Protocol Warlock chestpiece and the Ursa Furiosa Titan gauntlets are great for this encounter since they help refill Super Energy much faster, while a Stasis Hunter with Thermoclastic Bloom can help with Orb generation.