• Solar 3.0 emphasizes ability combos and effect synergies
  • Hunters can easily spam grenades and throwing knives with Solar builds
  • Not many weapons have actual Solar 3.0 synergies

The Solar subclass update in “Destiny 2” opened up tons of buildcrafting potential for all three of the game’s classes. Hunters, in particular, now have more options for providing team-wide support or simply dealing more damage with their abilities.

As the community continues to tinker with new loadouts, there’s no telling what kinds of powerful combinations players might encounter in the field. For those who are considering making their own unique builds, here’s a list of Hunter exotics that fit the new Solar 3.0 update perfectly.

Young Ahamkara’s Spine

One of the most popular Hunter builds right now uses Young Ahamkara’s Spine, Tripmines and a specific combo of mods, aspects and fragments that turn Gunslingers into demolition experts.

This exotic lets players throw back-to-back tripmines and Gunpowder Gamble grenade bundles, assuming that they actually hit their targets.

Celestial Nighthawk

Every Golden Gun user is familiar with Celestial Nighthawk, and it’s now much better than before thanks to the Golden Gun – Marksman’s interaction with Radiant.

Expect each Nighthawk shot to deal more damage than ever when paired with Ember of Torches or the new Acrobatic Dodge.

Shards of Galanor/Star-Eater Scales

With the buff to Blade Barrage and its interactions with Knock ‘Em Down and the Ember of Beams fragment, both Shards of Galanor and Star-Eater Scales have become top DPS options for Hunters. The former is better for clearing groups, while the latter excels at boss damage.

Ember of Beams synergizes with the extra blades granted by Knock ‘Em Down, which translates to more hits per cast of Blade Barrage. Star-Eater Scales also works well with Ember of Wonder as the latter allows for easy Orb of Power generation.

Assassin’s Cowl

The Assassin’s Cowl hasn’t seen much use outside of very niche builds in previous seasons, but it could possibly become more popular in “Season of the Haunted” thanks to how throwing knives interact with Knock ‘Em Down and the Radiant buff.

Each time a throwing knife (preferably Knife Trick) lands a final blow, Assassin’s Cowl will turn the wearer invisible while also providing a chunk of health and shields. This is great for soloing difficult content like the Duality dungeon.

The Assassin's Cowl exotic helmet in Destiny 2
The Assassin's Cowl exotic helmet in Destiny 2 Destiny 2