• Stormchaser fires three bolts while only using one point of ammunition
  • The weapon outpaces even the Reed's Regret in terms of DPS
  • Stormchaser greatly benefits from stability and recoil control

The new Stormchaser linear fusion rifle from the Duality dungeon has already proven itself to be one of the best weapons in “Destiny 2” thanks to its unique three-round burst firing mode, which is a first for the weapon type.

Even with the departure of Season 15’s overpowered Particle Deconstruction mod, the Stormchaser is still capable of dealing absurd amounts of damage thanks to its many perks. There are a few options to choose from, and bigger damage numbers don’t always make a good gun. Here are our recommendations.

Firing Line

Many will say that Firing Line is the best damage perk for Stormchaser. This is justifiable since it offers 20% extra precision hit damage, but players need to hit those shots for the perk to activate. Unless someone on the fireteam is using Divinity, Vorpal Weapon or Frenzy might be better. Still, Firing Line is excellent against static bosses with large hitboxes like Atheon.

Although Rampage has the highest modifier at 33% more damage per hit, it will require players to score three kills first. In theory, this can work in boss rooms with plenty of adds, but for the most part, players will be hard-pressed to find the ideal situation to take advantage of this perk.

Stormchaser's static roll that players can pull from the Collections tab - Destiny 2
Stormchaser's static roll that players can pull from the Collections tab Destiny 2

Clown Cartridge vs. Auto-Loading Holster

Both third-column perks help with the Stormchaser’s overall DPS, either through extra ammunition per magazine or automatic reloads while players use other weapons.

Clown Cartridge gives Stormchaser’s magazine 10-50% more ammo after every reload, which translates to 1-3 extra bursts. On the other hand, Auto-Loading Holster reloads the weapon after 2.5s of being stowed.

This boils down to personal preference, but many players lean more toward Auto-Loading Holster since it completely negates the DPS downtime between reloads.

Rapid Hit

This perk offers immense value for Stormchaser because of how the gun works intrinsically. Much like pulse rifles, Rapid Hit is a top-tier pick for this weapon because of the added stability for every precision hit.

The perk makes the gun much easier to control after every shot, and it even gives a bump to reload speed for every stack it has.