• The healing from Karnstein Armlets stack nicely with other restorative abilities
  • Use Ember of Empyrean to main stacks of Restoration
  • Strong Solar primary weapons are recommended

Warlocks have access to some of the best self-sustaining builds in “Destiny 2.” Such loadouts can vastly improve the player’s survivability even in the toughest of encounters against enemies that are several levels stronger.

Unlike the Loreley Splendor builds for Titans, Warlocks need to be a bit more active in every fight before they can even come close to being unkillable. Luckily, the Dawnblade kit makes controlling the battlefield an easy task.

Here’s another unkillable Warlock build for “Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted.”

Weapons and Armor

Warlocks innately have high survivability due to Healing Rift, Phoenix Dive and Well of Radiance. However, to take this self-sustainability to new heights, players can use the Karnstein Armlets to stack even more healing.

These exotic armguards grant a large burst of healing every time the Warlock scores a melee kill. This initial burst is followed by a slow, constant healing effect that remains active for a short duration. Other healing sources do stack with this.

Since Karnstein Armlets is considered a “neutral” or non-elemental exotic, players can use any weapon they want with it. However, keep in mind that players must score melee kills for the healing to activate.

The default Karnstein Armlets from the Collections tab in Destiny 2
The default Karnstein Armlets from the Collections tab in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Subclass Setup

Heat Rises is mandatory for this build since it reduced the cooldown of powered melee attacks whenever the player scores a kill while in the air. Pair this with Celestial Fire for its long-range and high damage. Incinerator Snap can work, but its shorter effective range can prove detrimental.

Use Touch of Flame to empower grenades, and consider using Icarus Dash when running Snap over Celestial Fire.

For aspects, Ember of Empyrean and Ember of Solace are the required ones since they both improve Restoration’s uptime. Consider using Ember of Torches as well since this build relies on spamming powered melee attacks.

With 100 Resilience, Healing Grenades and the setup listed above, players will be able to survive 1590 content with relative ease so long as they can keep Restoration active. A high-damage Solar primary weapon is highly recommended in order to make the most out of Empyrean and Torches.