• Many exotics now synergize with certain builds and subclasses
  • Grandmaster Nightfalls always have the Match Game modifier enabled
  • Weapons that can break multiple shield types are very valuable in GMs

The Void and Solar updates have opened up some new loadout options for Grandmaster Nightfalls in “Destiny 2.”

Builds that synergize most with these subclasses tend to be the most powerful at the moment, so players may want to check their vaults and collections for some weapons that could give them the edge they need to survive some of the hardest content in the game.

Here are a few of the best options Guardians have this season.

Skyburner’s Oath

The recent buff given to this scout rifle has turned it into a force of nature in PvE. Skyburner’s Oath is one of the only weapons in “Destiny 2” that can inflict Scorch and, by association, Ignite.

When fired from the hip, the weapon will shoot explosive slugs that scorch enemies. Since enemies in Grandmaster Nightfalls have so much health, Ignitions will be easier to proc, resulting in better synergies with relevant exotics, aspects and fragments.

The Skyburner's Oath is an exotic scout rifle in Destiny 2
The Skyburner's Oath is an exotic scout rifle in Destiny 2 Destiny 2


Trace rifles recently received a lot of love for PvE, and the Wavesplitter is arguably the best in terms of raw damage output as of “Season of the Haunted.”

Wavesplitter’s damage fluctuates, but it can stay at peak output for a short duration after picking up an Orb of Power. With a Harmonic Siphon mod, High-Energy Fire, Reaping Wellmaker and Font of Might, players can push Wavesplitter’s DPS to extreme levels with relative ease in Grandmasters.


The newest linear fusion rifle from the Duality dungeon immediately became a fan favorite thanks to its impressive pool of perks. Even without damage boosters, Stormchaser deals more DPS than most other guns in its class.

A fireteam with perfectly-rolled Stormchasers can melt even the toughest of bosses in just a few magazines.


Arbalest is one of those weapons that will never disappear from the meta. Its intrinsic shield-busting properties make it extremely good at any game mode where Match Game is enabled. It not only destroys elemental shields in one hit, but it can also stun Barrier Champions with ease.

This weapon does very good damage as well for a linear fusion rifle that uses Special ammo.