• Hunters have over three different ways to become invisible
  • Graviton Forfeit and Omnioculus are great for invisibility-focused builds
  • Volatile Rounds builds are great for triggering Stylish Executioner

The Nightstalker subclass in “Destiny 2” is highly valued in PvE for its on-demand, team-wide invisibility. The class brings a level of utility that can save fireteams or even full raid squads from sticky situations.

While invisibility isn’t as exciting as something like Devour, having constant access to permanent stealth can be invaluable, especially in Grandmaster Nightfalls. Here’s a Nightstalker setup that can grant constant access to invisibility for both the Hunter and their fireteams in “Destiny 2.”

The Subclass Setup

There are two ways to play Invis Hunter. Guardians can either go with a selfish playstyle with the Stylish Executioner aspect or they can provide team-wide support with Trapper’s Ambush. The former lets players chain self-invisibility procs, while the latter grants faster Smoke Bomb recharge.

Regardless of playstyle, try to fit in Echo of Obscurity, which will make players go invisible after using a finisher on an enemy. Players are free to mix and match fragments based on their preferences.

A Volatile Rounds build with Echo of Instability and Stylish Executioner will let players go invisible after every kill on a Volatile target. Meanwhile, Echoes of Exchange and Provision will grant more uptime on both grenades and Smoke Bomb.

Recommended Gear

Players can pick between Graviton Forfeit, Sixth Coyote and Omnioculus depending on the aspects they choose. The first two are better for solo play, while the latter is better in groups.

It’s worth noting that Stylish Executioner kills with Graviton Forfeit, and Echo of Obscurity grants 13 seconds of Void Invisibility.

Any weapon can work with this build, though Void weapons are preferred for their synergy with fragments. The Collective Obligation exotic pulse rifle from the Vow of the Disciple raid works extremely well as the primary weapon for this loadout, as constant use of Smoke Bomb means the weapon will always have a Void debuff to leech.

Alternatively, weapons like the Unforgiven and Gnawing Hunger can serve as good alternatives, especially those that roll with Demolitionist. Depending on the scenario, these might be better options than the Collective Obligation as they don’t take up the exotic weapon slot for something like Gjallarhorn or Arbalest.

The Graviton Forfeit exotic helmet for Nightstalkers in Destiny 2
The Graviton Forfeit exotic helmet for Nightstalkers in Destiny 2 Destiny 2