• Phoenix Cradle lets teammates benefit from Sunspots
  • Cradle now applies Solar restoration, which synergizes with fragments
  • The build provides good support capabilities without sacrificing damage output

While most of the new Solar 3.0 builds for “Destiny 2” focus mainly on the updated subclass’ destructive powers, there are plenty of other loadouts that revolve around empowering everyone else with healing and damage buffs.

The Titan class has one particular support build that does almost everything, from add-clearing to energy regeneration and constant healing. Though it’s a little thematically skewed from the usual fire god fantasy intended for Sunbreakers, it’s hard to argue about how valuable such a build can be.

Aspects, Fragments and Mods

Since this is a Sunspot build, players will need Sol Invictus. For the second aspect slot, take Roaring Flames for the stacking damage buff for abilities. Consecration can also work here if the fireteam needs more wave clearing power.

For the fragments, take the following:

  • Ember of Torches
  • Ember of Benevolence
  • Ember of Solace

When paired with Throwing Hammer, this fragment combo will allow for on-demand energy recharge and easy access to the Radiant buff.

As for the mods, focus on elemental well generation with the Well of Life mod for extra survivability on top of the usual ability regeneration.

Recommended Loadout

Players will need the Phoenix Cradle leg armor for this build to work. This exotic allows fireteam members to enjoy the benefits of Sol Invictus as well, giving them extra ability energy recharge and Solar restoration every time they pass through Sunspots created by the armor’s wearer.

Sol Invictus’ energy recharge stacks with Ember of Benevolence since teammates will be buffed with the Restoration effect.

Phoenix Cradle also extends the duration of Sunspots to 10 seconds. This can easily lead to the creation of even more Sunspots if enemies somehow die on top of one.

When empowered by Roaring Flames, Throwing Hammer can defeat most enemies in a single hit, which leads to instant Sunspot generation. This can also be achieved by using grenades or the Skyburner’s Oath exotic scout rifle.

This build works best in PvE encounters with plenty of trash mobs to deal with, such as the first Oracles encounter in the Vault of Glass or the many Scorn-filled halls in the Vow of the Disciple raid.

The Phoenix Cradle exotic leg armor in Destiny 2
The Phoenix Cradle exotic leg armor in Destiny 2 Destiny 2