• Players must collect Standards in the nightmare realm from the Cabal captains
  • Picking up the wrong Standard will cause a wipe
  • Repeat the process three times to finish the encounter

The second major encounter in “Destiny 2’s” Duality dungeon can be confusing at first, but it’s actually much simpler than it appears to be.

Unlike the Nightmare of Gahlran boss fight, the Vault encounter will throw an infinite wave of Cabal against the fireteam. But the main mechanic remains: cycle between the material and nightmare realms, gather standards and make the bosses vulnerable.

Here’s a quick guide for this part of the Duality dungeon.

Navigate the Vault

Travel through the Leviathan’s underbelly to reach a large hall with statues of Calus pointing in different directions. Hit the bell in the middle, then interact with the sigils at the base of each statue to turn them 45 degrees counter-clockwise. Rotate each statue until all of them point towards the platform in the middle.

Unlock the Vault

Jump down the newly opened blast doors at the bottom of the center platform to reach the main vault entrance.

The goal of this encounter is to collect Standards from two out of four areas in the nightmare realm and deposit them in the material realm. Make sure to pick up whatever Standards are shown in the material realm as getting the wrong ones will cause a wipe.

There will be two bells facing each other at opposite ends of the main platform, and Bellkeepers will spawn below them. Defeat these enemies to unlock the bells.

To simplify the directions for this encounter, designate the bell above the staircase as Top, and the other one as Bottom. The Standard locations, relative to the bell locations, are as follows:

  • Top Right: Axes
  • Top Left: Dogs
  • Bottom Right: Sun
  • Bottom Left: Chalice

Players can find statues or decorations of each symbol adorning the walls of the platforms to make navigation a little easier.

Collect two Standards and deposit them in the material realm to make the boss vulnerable. Defeat it, then repeat the entire process two more times to complete the encounter.


  • Use sniper rifles or linear fusion rifles to hit bells in the material realm from a distance
  • Piercing weapons can make Cabal Phalanxes easier to deal with
  • Perks like Chain Reaction or Incandescent are invaluable for this encounter
  • Always defeat the Bellkeepers first before going for the Standards in the nightmare realm
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