• "The Witch Queen" will add at least nine new exotics to the game
  • Weapon crafting will let players create weapons with curated perks
  • The expansion is coming to "Destiny 2" on Feb. 22

Bungie has finally revealed a glimpse of the highly-anticipated weapon crafting feature and some new exotics that are due to come out later this month in the “Witch Queen” expansion pack for “Destiny 2.”

The teaser was uploaded by Bungie on its social media accounts. In the video, a quick glimpse of how the new weapon crafting system works was shown. By the looks of things, it seems like players will be able to mix and match perks in all slots, including the Masterwork type, which could result in some very interesting combinations in unexpected weapon archetypes.

The teaser showcased what seems like an auto rifle fitted with the Triple Tap and Dragonfly perks, which could result in some devastating add-clearing effects in PvE, especially against the Hive. Unfortunately, it’s unknown if weapon crafting can be used to select the type of frame that a gun will have.

Weapon crafting in “Destiny 2” will be unlike the typical MMO crafting feature, said Bungie’s Joe Blackburn and Justin Truman in an interview with Polygon. The developers said they want players to have long relationships with their crafted weapons instead of making one-off items for the sake of leveling up crafting skills.

Based on the trailer, weapon crafting will be restricted to a specific area on Mars.

As for the exotics, the teaser showed six weapons and three armor pieces, one for each class:

  • Grand Overture –fully-automatic, missile-firing Cabal slug launcher
  • Parasite – grenade launcher loaded with exploding Hive larvae
  • Osteo Striga – Thorn-inspired, rapid-fire SMG with toxic, swarming projectiles
  • Edge of Action – Titan-exclusive glaive that fires Wards of Dawn
  • Edge of Intent – Warlock-exclusive glaive that fires healing turrets
  • Edge of Concurrence – Hunter-exclusive glaive that fires waves of electricity
  • Hoarfrost-Z – Titan chest piece; converts Barriers into walls of Stasis glaciers
  • Osmiomancy Gloves – Warlock gloves; grants improved Coldsnap Grenades
  • Blight Ranger Helmet – Hunter helmet; reflected projectiles deal increased damage

The Grand Overture slug launcher will be “The Witch Queen’s” seasonal weapon, which means all owners of the Year 5 season pass will immediately have the weapon unlocked. Other players will have to work through the free rewards track until they reach the appropriate level.

“The Witch Queen” launches on Feb. 22.

The Grand Overture exotic Slug Launcher in Destiny 2
The Grand Overture exotic Slug Launcher in Destiny 2 Bungie