• New Trials of Osiris and Nightfall weapons will be added to the loot pools next season
  • The Summoner will be returning along with a secret Trials weapon
  • Duty Bound and SIlicon Neuroma will be re-added as Nightfall rewards

Among many changes and new additions, four decommissioned weapons will be making their comeback this February along with the “Witch Queen” expansion for “Destiny 2.”

In the latest weekly dev blog entry, Bungie teased a few classic guns from the past seasons of “Destiny 2” that will all be returning to the game upon the release of the new expansion. These weapons, based on the images provided by the developers, include the Summoner and Duty Bound auto rifles as well as the Silicon Neuroma high-impact sniper rifle.

Both Duty Bound and Silicon Neuroma were from the first year of “Destiny 2.” The weapons were treated as rewards for completing the Nightfall versions of the Savathun’s Song and Pyramidion strikes, respectively. Ever since Titan and Io were removed from the game upon the launch of the “New Light” update, the weapons and their respective missions were also taken down.

In “The Witch Queen” expansion, Duty Bound and Silicon Neuroma will return as Nightfall rewards, each with new perk pools. Bungie didn’t specify if they were going to be tied to specific strikes like their original versions, but it’s safe to assume that they will be added to the weekly rotating Nightfall rewards alongside the likes of the Palindrome and the Uzume.

Silicon Neuroma and Duty Bound in Destiny 2
Silicon Neuroma and Duty Bound in Destiny 2 Bungie

As for the third weapon, the Summoner will once again be added to the Trials of Osiris loot pool alongside the rest of the currently-available weapons. The developers didn’t mention any sort of changes for the weapon, so players can expect it to return in more or less the same shape it had from a while back.

The fourth weapon was only mentioned in passing during the TWAB, as Bungie wants players to find out what this gun is on their own by playing Trials next season.

With the Summoner’s return in “The Witch Queen,” the only Trials weapons left in the “Destiny” content vault are the Scholar scout rifle and the Astral Horizon shotgun. It’s very likely that the latter will be the mystery weapon mentioned in the TWAB since shotguns are extremely popular in the Crucible, not to mention that the Scholar recently went on sale in Xur’s weekly inventory in December 2021.