Developer Bungie launched the latest patch for shooter “Destiny” late Monday, and though the update only focuses on a few features, it makes some pretty important improvements, including decreasing the difficulty on a few in-game missions.

Three story missions, two on the Moon and one on Mars, are now less difficult.

Check out the improvements below:



The latest patch for Destiny reduces the difficulty of a number of activities, as well as fixes issues when completing the Vault of Glass.



Shrine of Oryx: Reduced difficulty by removing majors from Heroic tiers

Sword of Crota: Reduced difficulty by removing majors from Heroic tiers

Exclusion Zone: Reduced difficulty by removing majors from Heroic tiers


Dropping the relic at the end of the raid will no longer result in a team wipe. This will prevent players being stuck at a black screen after the raid.

You will remain dead if you were dead when the mission ended. That will be addressed by a future patch.

“Destiny,” launched on Sept 9 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, setting a record for highest sales to retailers in the first 24 hours of a franchise's debut. The online action title went on sale at midnight and within one day, Bungie had sold $500 million worth of the game to sellers, making it the largest new game franchise launch in history.

“Destiny” was released at more than 11,000 midnight openings worldwide, reaching fans in more than 178 countries. The game was available for preloading before its release on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Bungie ran the title’s beta test in July. When it closed on July 27, more than 4.6 million players had participated in the beta.