The team behind “Deus Ex,” “Thief: The Dark Project” and the first two “System Shock” games are said to be in the early stages of developing the third installment in the first-person action RPG series. “System Shock 3” has also gotten additional funding to make it available not only on the PC platforms, but also on gaming consoles as well.

On Tuesday, Sartbreeze AB announced on its site that it has joined Otherside Entertainment in making the new sequel to the action-packed “System Shock” series a reality. The independent publisher of entertainment products also revealed that it invested $12 million just to ensure that “System Shock 3” would also be available to other platforms apart from PC at launch.

According to Eurogamer, though it was not indicated which gaming consoles will have support for the new game, it isn’t hard to speculate what these devices could be. Hence, it’s almost a given that the upcoming RPG will be available on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. As for the Nintendo Switch, it is possible, but it all depends on the developers if they want to bring it to the new gaming device.

Warren Spector, the producer of the first installment in the “System Shock” series that was released in 1994, is leading this project with Otherside Entertainment. It is said that the third installment will be set in the same year as the second installment, but it will focus more on the motives of nefarious Al Shodan.

"System Shock is one of those iconic franchises in the history of games that still gets my blood going and Mr. Spector is one of the founding fathers of the modern action RPG" Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson-Klint said. "We're greatly looking forward to bringing System Shock 3 to players world wide in our collaboration with Otherside Entertainment and Warren Spector's team.  I'll be first in line to play.”

No timeline for the release of the game has been given yet. But for fans who want to keep track of its development, they are free to visit Otherside’s website every now and then for updates.