• Blizzard maintains its silence on the latest official details about "Diablo 4"
  • A new report claims that upcoming title might launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X
  • A leaked 20-minute "Diablo 4" in-game footage recently surfaced online 

“Diablo 4” is one of the highly awaited upcoming titles but until now Blizzard has not revealed its release date. The gaming studio already said that the dungeon crawler title would release on PC, Xbox One and the PS4. Interestingly, many fans and gaming enthusiasts speculate that it would also release on next generation gaming consoles Xbox Series X and PS5.

“Diablo 4” Platforms

Gamerant recently reported that Blizzard’s silence on the release date of “Diablo 4” triggers speculations among fans that it might launch in 2021. Granting that the upcoming title launches next year, the site predicted that a potential release on PS5 and Xbox Series X is almost guaranteed. So far, Blizzard remained tight-lipped on crucial details related to “Diablo 4.”

The site also speculated that there is a high likelihood that “Diablo 4” will appear at the PS5 reveal event. Blizzard announced the game in 2019 and the upcoming event is an excellent platform to launch its gameplay. Unfortunately, Sony announced earlier that it decided to postpone the PS5 reveal event to give way for more important voices to be heard.

Diablo IV - Diablo IV was officially announced during BlizzCon 2019.
Diablo IV - Diablo IV was officially announced during BlizzCon 2019. Blizzard Entertainment

The Japanese gaming console maker has not yet revealed the date of its PS5 reveal event. With the absence of Blizzard’s announcement on the release date of “Diablo 4,” it is safer to treat this kind of detail as speculation.

“Diablo 4” 20-Minute Footage

In other “Diablo 4” news, a new trailer surfaced online courtesy of Gameplay PS YouTube channel. The video is 20 minutes long, revealing the latest in-game footage. Interestingly, unlike earlier leaked videos, the latest footage does not come with any commentaries. Some fans believe that the footage was taken from the game’s most recent beta version.

Blizzard has not yet released any statement related to the latest “Diablo 4” footage. While the gaming studio was silent on the latest details about the forthcoming, it did note several key points of “Diablo 4.” It includes grittier and darker environments compared to its predecessor. Earlier leaks suggested that the upcoming dungeon crawler title would not have an offline version and would entail an online connection to be playable.