Speaking to Kotaku, Blizzard Vice President Rob Pardo said it was Blizzard's goal to release the third entry in the Diablo series this year. Pardo, however, did emphasize that the company had a large interest to get it right, which he said was more important than rushing the game out. 

The initial announcement of Diablo III, which came in 2008, wasn't accompanied by a release date. In a 2009 interview with Techland, Pardo recognized his company's tendency to announce its games too early. We've been wrong (on release dates) for as long as I can remember, he said in the interview. So that's why don't do release dates anymore.

Blizzard released its latest title Star Craft II: Wings of Liberty last July, three years after the game's initial announcement in 2007. The span between a game's announcement and its release often frustrates game players, especially when titles are delayed. 

Blizzard plans to release the Diablo III for both the Windows and OSX operating systems, while also exploring the possibility of bringing the title to game consoles as well. 

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