Apple's iPhone
Do think Twice before Jailbreaking. IBTimes

Germany’s IT security agency, in a statement, has warned users about the critical weaknesses in the iOS platform that could offer hackers unrestricted access to an iPhone if the owner clicks on a misleading PDF.

The security agency has asked iPhone users to avoid opening random PDF files which are of an unknown origin, either in e-mail attachments or on websites.

The warning was sent out the same day a hacking group, Dev-Team, released a new version of, a tool that lets users remotely jailbreak their iOS smartphones.

The site, itself, works in a simple manner. The user will just need to log on with the iOS device he wishes to jailbreak and then has to follow the instructions on the site to forgo Apple's iOS and install Cydia (a software application for iOS that allows a user to find and download software packages).

The tool gives iPhone and iPad owners the freedom to run any app they want, which includes softwares that are not certified. The tool, however, could also be modified and used to deliver malware to iPhones, and not just jailbroken ones.

Apple takes security very seriously. We're aware of this reported issue and are developing a fix that will be available to customers in an upcoming software update, Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller told CNET News.

She, however, could not provide a time frame for the fix to arrive, the ZDNet reported.