Dr. Conrad Murray is handcuffed as he is remanded into custody in Los Angeles
Dr. Conrad Murray is handcuffed as he is remanded into custody in Los Angeles Reuters

As news of Dr. Conrad Murray's guilty verdict in the Michael Jackson trial spread, people from around the world, including celebrities, fans and members of the Jackson family, took to Twitter, Facebook and other media outlets to express their feelings on the involuntary manslaughter decision.

Some, like Jackson's parents and siblings, hailed the verdict, while others, particularly those on Twitter, questioned the decision to convict Dr. Conrad Murray or treated the trial itself as a joke. Here, see the world's reaction to the guilty verdict against Murray in the Michael Jackson trial, as well as pictures from the trial's aftermath.

Celebrity Reactions:

Danny Zuker: Today the world is a safer place for self-destructive billionaire insomniacs.

Ryan Seacrest: You could hear one shriek in the courtroom as the verdict was read. Not sure if it was for prosecution or defense... couldn't tell

Rev. Al Sharpton: Murray's conviction is just a down payment for the family of Michael Jackson.

Alyssa Milano: This video seems beyond appropriate to post today. youtu.be/arZ8mPhW6Vo Hope it makes you smile.

Jackson Family Reactions:

La Toya Jackson: Verdict is FINALLY IN!!! I'm on my way! I'm shaking uncontrollably!

Taj Jackson: Although I wanted to be there with my family in the courtroom, I couldn't re-live it all over again after going thru my mom's murder trial.

Katherine and Joe Jackson Statement: We have been waiting for this moment for a very long time and we couldn't hold back tears of joy in the courtroom. Even though nothing can bring back our son, justice has finally been served... we can't wait to go home and share this day with Michael's children.

Facebook Reactions:

From Facebook Group The Michael Jackson Trial:

I wonder if the defence [sic] are a no win no pay case now. If so you are stuffed.

Whilst conrad murray showed lapses in medical judgment, in some ways he was and is a scapegoat for choices that jackson made.

Facebook Statuses:

That awkward moment: http://www.facebook.com/pages/That-awkward-moment-when-Wikipedia-is-edited-just-after-the-MJ-trial/274216985953190?sk=wall

I hate that it was black on black but Dr Conrad is not American so he had no personal feelings like his people here in America. The rest of the world loved him but he was each and everyone of our little or big brother.

From FB page for Dr. Steven Stafer:

Holding hands with the MJ community... Let us all hold a virtual hand for Michael and his family and comfort each other while the last stages of this court is in motion. If you are holding hands with your fellow MJ fan then repost and pass it on and let them know.. Let's keep the faith everyone. Justice 4 MJ our *King of Pop* for life..

Twitter Reactions:

Twitter has been overflowing with tweets since the Conrad Murray verdict was handed down. Twitter threads like #ConradMurray, #KingofPop, and #RIP_Michael_Jackson have been going strong for hours. Reactions from around the world spanned from the heartfelt to the mocking, with some hailing the verdict and others skeptical at to Murray's guilt.

Some were ecstatic at the verdict in the Michael Jackson trial:

@TTxxtasha88xxWL: RIP MICHAEL JACKSON ... Finally the king of pop can rest & move on, music will never be the same without u Michael forever in my heart x

@Adamleeguitar: RIP Michael Jackson - we love you, forever and always. The indubitable, unrivalled King of Pop and King of Music and Dance! #ItsAllForLOVE

@lexyecora: This is great. This is just great. I'm so ecstatic. I'm just want to go home and dance to The King Of Pop all night long.

@Siguetucamino: Será SIEMPRE un hombre que hizo historia,el REY del POP. Will always be a man who made history, the true king of POP.

Others questioned Murray's sentence, Jackson's role, and the justice system in general:

@Lauralou_x: Involuntary manslaughter surely means he didn't force the drugs down his neck! #definitelykilledhimself #lookingforsomeonetoblame

@305_Jay: You can't be mad about #PennSt & give Jackson a pass. He's the King of Pop, SFW! Polanski gets a pass from the biggest stars in Hollywood

@sighs_of_fire: Feel a bit sorry for #ConradMurray,his only crime was greed. #MichaelJackson sadly surrounded himself with yes men who did whatever he said

@HelenAnnSmith0: I thought the outpouring of emotion from outside the court was massively over the top and pretty tasteless. Americans ey?

@cassmoney: Dr. Conrad Murray may be guilty of involuntary manslaughter, but Michael Jackson is guilty of being a voluntary lunatic.

@GinoMonoMan: ...I have to admit, for $150,000 a month, I'd give the King of Pop all the propofol he wanted--AND Justin Bieber.

Esjay25: #ConradMurray scape goat anyone?? The real person on trial should be his dad!

But most, regardless of a side in the Conrad Murray case, joked about the guilty verdict:

@ryaninthesky: Too bad Casey Anthony didn't murder the king of pop... She wouldnt be walking free then.

Ben_Bryan: Looks like I have to find a new personal physician.

@_Snape_: Nobody nose the trouble Michael Jackson has seen... except maybe Voldemort.

@garethemery: #ConradMurray guilty of Jackson manslaughter. Good luck to anyone trying got get a prescription for sleeping pills tomorrow.


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holyhookergaga: Dr.Frank-N-Furter.

therealmikeepps: Dr.Huxtable

Pill4180: Dr. Quin [sic] Medicine woman

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