“Dragon Ball” fans are in for a treat because they are getting a new action RPG “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot,” on top of the exciting additions to “Dragon Ball FighterZ.” The 2.5D fighting title is reportedly getting “Dragon Ball Super’s” Broly soon. But, it does not mean that it has already forgotten the hit game “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2,” in fact, the game is getting a major character coming from ‘FighterZ.”

Android 21 is coming to “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” this winter and will join the roster as a playable character. Android 21 is an interesting crossover from “Dragon Ball FighterZ,” where she was first launched. The sexy android created by Dr. Gero is a part of “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” Ultra DLC Pack 2.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
A new major "Dragon Ball FighterZ" character is arriving in "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2." instacodez/flickr

The latest details about Android 21 arriving in “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” were revealed in the latest issue of V-Jump magazine. The latest scans are provided by reputable tipster and popular “Dragon Ball” fan Ken Xyro on his official Twitter account. We also learned about the special abilities and moves of Android 21 from the latest scans.

Android 21 will be playable in “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” in her humanoid form. However, at this point, we do not have enough information yet if players can use her Majin Android 21 form in the game. There is a possibility that the team behind “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” might include some kind transformation or skin variant in the game for players who prefer her Majin form.

Android 21 attacks in “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” include A La Carte Rush and Excellent Full Course. Her arrival in the game is considered a major addition, and it will give fans something to look forward to in the game. The latest update that “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” received was a few months ago with the Ultra Pack 1.

Expect to read more details about Android 21 on “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2,” especially when her official arrival in the game draws near. Bandai Namco is also preparing for the release of “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot” next year. “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2” is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.