The original “Dragon Quest VIII” is considered a gem by many role-playing game (RPG) fans, and its revival on the Nintendo 3DS has many fans jumping for joy, especially with the many new features that were recently announced. Square Enix has revealed even more, as the “Dragon Quest VIII” 3-DS version will now give players the opportunity to take pictures of their favorite events and monsters with the new Camera Mode.

While selfies might sound like a weird concept to bring into the world of “Dragon Quest VIII,” Square Enix is assuring players that it won’t just be used as a gimmick for the 3-DS version. Siliconera has revealed that there will be new quests that will require players to take photos of the rare creatures and items that one might encounter in the game. These quests can be acquired in the brand new Photography Fort.

Fans who are into the sillier aspects of the Camera Mode will be happy to know that they can have the other characters pose for selfies, if the player is feeling nostalgic about the game, as stated by Gematsu. These pictures can be saved in the SD card of the 3-DS, so players will be able to view them whenever they want, even if the game isn’t in the handheld.

Those not into the game’s gimmicky nature will be content with the added story chapters that detail the origins of the game’s protagonist and antagonist. These chapters have never been released on the PlayStation 2 or any of the more recent mobile releases of the title and are completely new to the game, adding more depth and character to the story.

Speaking of character, “Dragon Quest VIII” for the 3-DS will have several new characters join the party of the protagonist, and like the special chapters mentioned earlier, these characters were not playable or even around in the original version. This was most likely done so that veteran gamers could pick up the title and be glad that it’s not the same game again.

“Dragon Quest VIII” for the 3-DS will be coming out on August 27 for Japan, while no announcements have been made for a Western version. Considering how long fans had to wait for “Dragon Quest Heroes,” it seems as though they’ll have to wait longer for the “Dragon Quest VIII” 3-DS port.

Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS debut trailer (Credit: YouTube/EurogamerPortugal)