Donald Noone
Donald Noone Carlisle Police Department

A Pennsylvania man with a history of public drunkenness was arrested this this weekend when he attempted to smuggle a $20 slab of meat form a Giant supermarket for the second time in three months, according to police.

The incident happened at a Carlisle, Pennsylvania Giant supermarket when 65-year-old Donald Noone tried to shove the ribs in his pants.

According to Pennsylvania police, Noone pulled the same stunt on May 22 with a rack of ribs worth $13.34.

In that incident, Noone pleaded guilty to retail theft and public drunkenness.

Because of his previous charge, police told The Sentinel newspaper that the theft charge will be considered a more serious second-degree misdemeanor this time.

This was also Noone's sixth public drunkenness citation in less than five months.