WARNING: This post contains explicit language.

A woman in Broward County, Fla., unleashed fury on Dunkin’ Donuts employees after she didn't receive a receipt with a previous order. The whole incident can be seen in the rant that was uploaded to YouTube.

In the eight-minute-long viral video, 27-year-old Taylor Chapman says that she is entitled to free food because of Dunkin' Donuts' stated policy that customers who do not get a receipt with their order are entitled to a refund.

In addition to complaining about the receipt, she claims that the employee who helped her during the prior transaction was less than helpful.

"This girl was so f**king rude to me and said 'OK well you can get your order free next time,' So you know what I told her, I said 'I want the whole f**king menu b**ch, twice,'" the woman says in the video. "A guarantee is a guarantee and I've already called my lawyer and he is already on it."

Meanwhile, the employee handling the disgruntled customer remains calm, cool and collected during the entire incident.