The “Dynasty Warriors” franchise has been both loved and hated by gamers everywhere, but the fact it has spawned enough games to reach its 15th anniversary is nothing short of impressive. To celebrate the occasion, Koei Tecmo has released a video showcasing the franchise’s evolution throughout the years and even teased a new game to mark the milestone.

Gematsu translated the original source of the announcement, which confirmed a new “Dynasty Warriors” project was in the works. However, Koei Tecmo hasn’t released many details. Considering the last official game in the series was “Dynasty Warriors 8,” it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to think the next game could be “Dynasty Warriors 9,” though it could be something else entirely.

The first ever “Dynasty Warriors” game was a one-on-one fighting game for the original PlayStation, Push Square recalled. History was made, however, when publisher Koei Tecmo released “Dynasty Warriors 2” and completely changed the game. Players would take on thousands of enemies with a powerful warrior rather than just one foe.

The series’ popularity eventually resulted in numerous spinoff titles. “Dynasty Warriors” was about Chinese history and “Samurai Warriors” was about Japanese history. Both games would eventually cross over in “Warriors Orochi,” which featured hundreds of characters.

Gameplay was always a mixed bag to gamers and critics alike, but it the series has had a lot of appeal. The same gameplay formula was used when Omega Force, the longtime developer of the “Warriors” games, came out with “Warriors of Hyrule” and “Dragon Quest Heroes,” both of which sold well in Japan.

Koei Tecmo eventually teamed up with Namco Bandai to produce the “Dynasty Warriors: Gundam” series. There have been four games in the series, each of which retells the stories from the popular anime.

Dynasty Warriors - 15th Anniversary Trailer (Credit: YouTube/EurogamerPortugal)