At E3 2018, Electronic Arts and its subsidiaries, DICE and BioWare, did not just announce and showcase their upcoming games. They also took time to address the microtransactions controversy that started with “Star Wars Battlefront 2” last year.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson spoke about the issue during the EA Play event. Basically, Wilson noted that EA developers are working hard to make great games that provide players with options on how they want to play them. He also acknowledged the complaints from fans and said that they always listen to the feedback given to them.

“We are always trying to learn and listen and strive to be better. As you look at the 10 experiences that you’re going to see today and as you play games this week, there’s some things we hope come through. First, that at the very core is choice, is that you as players get to choose how you play, what you play, when you play and what devices you play on. That in making those choices you feel you are treated fairly,” Wilson was quoted as saying by Polygon.

Wilson went on to say that they only want to offer a gaming environment where no one is given an unfair advantage or disadvantage. They also want players to feel rewarded for the money and time they invest in their games. And most importantly, they want players to have fun. “So as we think through all the things we’re trying to do know that we want to be better and that we want to make great games.”

Dennis Brännvall, the new design director for “Battlefront 2,” has also opened up about the loot box controversy, which he regards as a setback. “We launched our game in November of last year and clearly we didn’t get it quite right … We had to take a step back and make sure that we were delivering the game that our players really wanted.”

Brännvall added that DICE and parent company EA are still very committed to the “Battlefront” franchise. The issue with microtransactions was rough for them, but they are now looking at a bright future. It can be noted that the backlash from players forced the developers to overhaul the progression system of the game. The feedback, of course, had a positive impact to the game and its makers.

DICE also showcased “Battlefield 5” on the first day of E3 2018, and the studio confirmed that the upcoming first-person shooter — set for release on Oct. 19 — won’t come with paid loot boxes or a premium pass. But the game will come with cosmetic options and player customization, as per Kotaku UK.

Meanwhile, BioWare announced its upcoming game “Anthem” at EA Play. And just like its parent company and DICE, the developer is also not planning to introduce loot boxes to its game. “We are going to have some cosmetics and vanity items that you'll be able to purchase but you're always going to know what you're gonna buy before you spend any money on it, so no loot boxes, no ability to pay for power. So that means no ability to spend money on gameplay advantage at all in ‘Anthem.’” BioWare executive producer Mark Darrah said at the conference, according to Eurogamer.

EA has once again addressed the microtransactions controversy that hit its games at E3 2018. Reuters/Kevork Djansezian