One of my father’s cliche phrases that’s still stuck with me: “If you ain’t gonna do it right, it ain’t gonna come out right.”

I wish EA had followed the same train of thought.

The publisher has suspended the release of downloadable content for Battlefield 4 until the development team fixes the problems persisting in the game. Gamers can be nitpicky, I can’t defend EA when players get constantly booted from their matches. EA did apologize for the problems, vowing that the company “will not stop until this is right.”

Could have just made sure all was well before release date, but instead the company pushed DICE (the developing studio) to get the game out in time to fight Call of Duty: Ghosts over sales. Risk for reward.

Unfortunately, It won’t matter if your product is the first one on the shelves if consumers can’t use it. This disruption will probably just push buyers towards Call of Duty, so there goes that plan.

While we’re on the subject of odd choices, images of Razer’s new iPhone game controller have been leaked online. The case snaps onto the phone, creating a Game Gear-like shape. That isn’t a compliment.

It should cost around $100 when it comes out, if you’ve got an iPhone5 to attach it to. I’ve never been sold on extensions like these - don’t we buy smartphones in part because of their compact nature? Seems like an odd choice to deliberately make a sleek item cumbersome, especially one made to fit in pockets. I’m not sure why hauling a game controller around for your phone is any less troublesome than having a separate device altogether. Then again, about the only thing I play on my phone is chess.

And in news that should immensely please me: Final Fantasy 8 has finally been released on Steam! That’d be super, except Sony released a downloadable version of the game for PS3 four years ago. It doesn’t look like the Steam version has been greatly improved, so I’ve been strapped for reasons to recommend buying it. The game hasn’t been rebuilt with an HD platform. Instead, the original models from the game’s 2000 Windows release - (god, was it that long ago?) those have just been retextured. At least we can finally see Squall, the game’s taciturn star, in all his sullen-faced glory.

Still, it’s a nice option if you don’t have a PlayStation or PlayStation2 lying around and a TV with component cables. There are a few additions to the game, if you want to call them that - the most important being “Chocobo World,” a side game that wasn’t included in the original Western releases. Regardless, Steam is providing an easy alternative for gamers without PS3s.

Hey, at least we know it works properly. I’m looking at you, EA.