‘Battle Field 3’ Patch: PC Updates Released Tomorrow, No Word on Xbox 360 Release Date
‘Battlefield 3‘ will briefly go offline for PC on Thursday for an hour-and-a-half at 8 am while a new patch is installed. The updates include a number of tweaks to the battlefield gameplay and to balancing. The patch will also being new “rent a server” functionality for PC players and fix some of the bugs and glitches which plague the game. Battlefield.com

With Electronic Arts' (EA) Battlefield 3 only a few days away, anticipation over the much-awaited first-person shooter has already reached fever-pitch. Adding to the craze, DICE has released the final pre-release sneak peek video of what promises to be an ultra-realistic game. The sneak peek, in the form of the game's Mission Launch trailer, offers plenty of triple-A visual spectacles.

For many Battlefield 3 fans, extraordinary graphics is par for the course and, looking at prior trailers, it seems that this title won't fall short of player expectations. It is set to offer the most realistic-looking military shooter ever developed.

Considering that official media releases provide little indication about the final quality of the game, speculations are rife that in spite of near-lifelike visuals, Battlefield 3 may not stand up to players' expectations. However, judging by the trailer, it doesn't seem that the game will disappoint.

Check out the trailer:

If the above trailer is anything to go by, it must be said that the game will be a competitive treat, both for online and story-driven single-player campaigns.

Although the recently launched Battlefield 3 open beta was filled with many annoying problems, DICE has promised that the final product will be clear of all such bugs.

Meanwhile, DICE's triple-A first person shooter is reportedly going to include early-access to the Mass Effect 3 demo, which is set to launch in January. According to reports, anyone who buys a copy of Battlefield 3 will get access to the demo; however, players must activate their online passes before accessing the demo.

Battlefield 3 is set arrive on Oct. 25. Along with the game, also expected is a new social networking site called Battlelog. The site is most likely to be similar to Facebook but will track the number of people you've executed.