Easter is eight months away, but Easter eggs are back on everyone's mind. Only this time, it's a different kind. There's no painting egg shells with pastel colors nor chocolate covered Easter eggs here; it's actually a term used for a timestamp on downloading an application from the Mac App Store.

Gizmodo reported Thursday that an Easter Egg was found in the Mac App Store in OS X Mountain Lion. To see an Easter egg for yourself, every time you download an App from the Mac App Store, check the applications folder and look at the time stamp on the downloading application. It will say Jan. 24, 1984, which is Macintosh's birth date.

Initially, all of Apple devices used to contain Easter eggs until Steve Jobs, after his return to Apple, declared a complete ban on having these Easter eggs build into the company's products.  His justification for this ban was to avoid other companies to paoch Apple's engineering talent and was a move to get one step ahead of the competition since intitally these Easter eggs were small applications where the engineers could add small details about the product. This is when Jobs changed the policy and encouraged all his engineers to "sign like an artist".

Now that the Easter eggs are back in the applications of these products, what are the details that would be hidden inside these application and would these Easter eggs just be limited to OS X Mountain Lion or be included in all new Apple products?