• Edison Mail app glitch allowed others to access someone else's email
  • Edison Mail says bug is fixed but most doubtful
  • Edison Mail likely to suffer from breach

Data privacy has become a serious concern and there are a lot of people being cautious to protect their personal information. Access to emails is a pretty sensitive topic, which is an issue that has cropped up time and time again. Given that most no-gooders are holed up at home now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a surge in hacking is to beexpected. Some have already been seen on video conferencing apps like Zoom.

The thing about technology is that the coronavirus has not stopped updates from happening. Apple continues to deliver updates, which is the same with email applications like Edison Mail. The mail app brands itself as the best email client for Apple platforms. Unfortunately, a costly bug cropped up when they were syncing a new feature for its iOS app. At that time, 6,480 users were using the iOS app, a number that is not that small, reported.

Several users confirmed that when they updated their Edison Mail application, the email account they got was not theirs. The worst part of it all is that the user (@zmknox) was able to access all the information without the proper credentials. And as one would guess, many are unhappy, fearing that their emails could be scoured by the recent glitch.

The worst part of it all is that the glitch of the Edison Mail app may have just attracted interest from hackers, particularly the ones using the iOS app. Edison Mail alleges that they have already fixed the bug and reached out to the people who were affected by the glitch. The affected users were advised to change their passwords immediately but there are now several concerns in the air.

One concern includes other people possibly seeing the contents of another user's email and skimming through them in the process. The alleged 6,480 may be a small number for them but there is no telling how important the emails were in those affected. Fixing the bug is one thing but it remains evident that the breach could cause further inconvenience to the ones using it.

The update was meant to give Edison Mail users better features and service but the recent glitch is a black eye. It remains to be seen if many will continue to use the app on iOS. Moreover, the versions on other operating systems are being questioned regarding the service and security; this resulted in people looking for another mail client.