• New "Elden Ring" footage has leaked online
  • The leaked footage appears to be from a gameplay reveal trailer
  • "Elden Ring" will feature Soulslike combat with elements of both "Bloodborne" and "Sekiro"

It has nearly been two years since “Elden Ring” was first announced in E3 2019, and no official information has been revealed as of yet. A recent leak, however, suggests that there might be a huge info drop coming this month.

Almost two minutes’ worth of footage was released on the internet, and FromSoftware fans stirred up a storm over it. Though the footage didn’t come from official sources, the sheer production quality that it showcases indicates that it might be an official gameplay trailer for “Elden Ring.”

The leaked footage shows “Elden Ring” will feature traditional souls-like combat in an open-world setting. Players will be able to sneak like in “Sekiro” and use horses for both traversal and mounted combat.

The game also features what appears to be the same soul magic found in the “Dark Souls” series, as a player character wearing mage attire used a spell similar to Homing Soulmass against a dragon. Later, an armored knight used a spell similar to the Soul Greatsword against a shielded enemy.

The tone and overall atmosphere of the game are similar to that of the third “Dark Souls.” The post-apocalyptic setting draws some comparison to the Ringed City in the second DLC for “Dark Souls 3.”

The narrator from the trailer even notes that “Elden Ring” is set somewhere “in the edge of the map,” similar to how the Ringed City is located “at the end of the world,” which may imply that the events of “Elden Ring” happen in a place of similar significance.

The “Souls” series of games is known for its deep and haunting yet ambiguous lore, and this type of storytelling has bled onto both “Bloodborne” and “Sekiro.” What makes this interesting is the fact that George R.R. Martin, author of the “A Song of Fire and Ice” series, will be responsible for writing the lore and mythos of “Elden Ring,” as per Screen Rant.

Martin is famous for his meticulously detailed worlds. While the game’s direction is held by the original “Dark Souls” director Hidetaka Miyazaki, fans can expect “Elden Ring’s” lore to be written as beautifully, if not better, as before thanks to Martin’s influence.

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