• Weapons can be shared between partners by leaving them on the ground
  • Boss weapons can only be obtained once per playthrough
  • Remembrance items can be duplicated inside Walking Mausoleums

There are plenty of fun builds and loadouts in “Elden Ring,” but for players who want to chase after a certain look or a very specific set of gear, item duplication might be necessary.

In most cases, weapons in “Elden Ring” can only be obtained once. However, there are a few ways to get multiple copies of one weapon without using game-breaking glitches or dubious exploits that could get players banned.

Duplicating normal and special weapons

Normally, players can only get weapons once per game unless they’re random drops from enemies. However, things like the Uchigatana, Greatsword, Moonveil or any other similar weapon can be obtained a second time with the help of a friend.

This can be done by joining a friend’s world as a friendly phantom and having them leave a weapon on the ground. Players can pick up the dropped weapon and take it home to their world with them. Doing this will completely remove the said weapon from the original owner’s world, which means that they’ll have to finish their playthrough before they can get the weapon again.

It’s important for the lender to choose the “Leave” option when dropping the weapon and not “Discard” as the latter will delete the item completely.

Dual-wielding Greatswords in Elden Ring
Dual-wielding Greatswords in Elden Ring Elden Ring

Duplicating unique boss weapons

While the previous method can technically be done for boss weapons like Godrick’s axe or Radahn’s swords, players can duplicate these items without having to rely on a second party. Unfortunately, this can only be done once per game cycle.

To duplicate boss weapons, players need to find the giant Walking Mausoleums that can be found in certain parts of the game world. They are typically impossible to scale because of how large they are, but they can be brought down by breaking the skull-like crystals covering them.

Once inside the main mausoleum, players will be able to duplicate a Remembrance item from any boss they’ve beaten in their current playthrough. Grab the Remembrance item and take it back to Enia at the Roundtable Hold.

This method is also great for getting a different item from one boss or for gaining extra Runes. However, each Walking Mausoleum can only be used once.