• Ghiza's Wheel has a special heavy attack that can hit multiple times
  • The weapon primarily scales off of STR and DEX
  • It drops from Inquisitor Ghiza at the Volcano Manor's second floor

Ghiza’s Wheel is a Strength-based heavy weapon in “Elden Ring” that can rapidly apply bleed damage to enemies with its unique Ash of War and charged heavy attacks.

This weapon is perfect for those who want a mix of the standard two-handed playstyle and bleed-based builds. Its raw damage is great for immediately killing weak enemies, while its rapid bleed application can make short work of tough targets like bosses and elites.

To get Ghiza’s Wheel, players will have to travel to Volcano Manor at Mt. Gelmir. The fastest and easiest way to get there is by talking to Rya near Laskyar Ruins in Liurnia. She can be found in a gazebo near the telescope north of the ruins.

After speaking with Rya, go to Boilprawn Shack northwest of her location and buy Rya’s locket from the NPC there. Return to Rya, and she’ll tell the player to go to the Altus Plateau via the Grand Lift of Dectus or the Ruin-Strewn Precipice

The telescope north of Laskyar Ruins in Elden Ring
The telescope north of Laskyar Ruins in Elden Ring Elden Ring

She can then be found near the Dectus lift at the Altus Plateau, on the left side by the stairs leading to the main road. Speak to her, and she will teleport players directly to Volcano Manor.

Upon reaching the Manor, tag the Site of Grace by the fireplace then go up to the second floor. Stand near the windows at the end of the room and wait for a hostile NPC to invade.

Rya can be found by the Grand Lift of Dectus after retriveing her locket
Rya can be found by the Grand Lift of Dectus after retriveing her locket Elden Ring

Defeat the NPC and the weapon will be automatically added to the inventory.

Ghiza’s Wheel requires 28 STR and 18 DEX to wield. Additionally, its bleed passive scales with the Arcane stat, which means it synergizes heavily with any ARC-centric build.

The weapon functions virtually the same as its predecessor from “Bloodborne,” the Whirligig Saw. However, Ghiza’s Wheel looks very similar to the circular saws attached to some of the iron maiden-like Abductor Virgins found in Mt. Gelmir and the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

Ghiza’s Wheel cannot be buffed because it already deals innate bleed damage. But its special saw attack can proc Blood Loss very quickly because of how rapidly it hits. Charging up heavy attacks with this weapon also revs the saws, causing it to hit multiple times on impact.