Elliot Rodger, son of director and photographer Peter Rodger, has been identified as the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) shooter. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office has released a detailed report of the premeditated murder of six and has also revealed the identities of the three UCSB students who were killed.

According to the Santa Barbara County sheriff’s office, Rodger was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head, which may have been self-inflicted. The sheriff’s office is withholding the identities of the three victims found in Rodger’s apartment until the next of kin are notified. Per the Santa Barbara County sheriff’s office statement the victims were “22-year-old Katherine Breann Cooper of Chino Hills, California; 19-year-old Veronika Elizabeth Weiss of Westlake Village, California; and 20-year-old Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez of Los Osos, California.”

There were 13 people wounded on Friday, eight with gunshot wounds, four people were hit by Rodger’s car, and another individual was treated for a minor injury.

The Santa Barbara County sheriff’s office released a report detailing the events of Friday night leading up to Rodger’s death. The report alleges that Rodger stabbed to death three unidentified males in his apartment before heading to the UCSB Alpha Phi sorority house, located on Embarcadero del Norte. Rodger was loudly knocking on the front door for a period of time before crossing the street and shooting three women, including Weiss and Cooper, while the third victim was treated for several gunshot wounds at a nearby hospital.

Isla Vista Map
The area where the mass murder occurred and the subsequent police chase of Elliot Rodger on Friday. Google/Screenshot

Rodger returned to his car before entering a deli, located on Pardall Road, where he shot and killed Michaels-Martinez. Responding officers saw Rodger, who was yet to be identified as the shooting suspect, enter a black BMW and head east to Del Playa Drive. Rodger fired several shots at individuals on the sidewalk, threatened a female victim and fired a shot at a sheriff’s deputy. Rodger hit a cyclist before heading west on Camino Del Sur and opened fire on several pedestrians, wounding three, and shot another victim at the intersection of Camino Pescadero and Sabado Tarde Road.

At Acorn Park, Rodger exchanged gunfire with four sheriff’s deputies. The officers returned fire and shot Rodger in his left hip. Returning to Del Playa Drive, Rodger hit another cyclist at a high speed before crashing into several parked cars. The sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene to arrest Rodger but he was found dead with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. The sheriff’s office recovered three 9mm semiautomatic handguns from Rodger’s vehicle and 410 rounds of ammunition.

In the wake of the mass murder, Rodger’s Men’s Right’s Movement beliefs and his uploaded YouTube videos became the topic of conversation. Rodger’s 140-page manifesto, published prior to the rampage, was also made available.

Alan Shifman, Peter Rodger’s attorney, released a statement on Saturday on the family’s behalf, reports Associated Press. Shifman said in the statement, “The Rodger family offers their deepest compassion and sympathy to the families involved in this terrible tragedy. We are experiencing the most inconceivable pain, and our hearts go out to everybody involved.” The Rodger family has yet to make a public appearance but will cooperate with the investigation.