Tesla CEO Elon Musk bade us farewell -- temporarily -- on Oct. 18. He never said why in his matter-of-fact tweet: "Going offline for a few days."

That would have been fine, but Musk was never one to forsaske some drama. To one follower, Musk later tweeted, "I've prepared a surprise! It is now ready."

To which, this man replied, "Dont hmu. Only the real ones know what's up."

Musk's now back tweeting after a three day hiatus.

His tweets since Oct. 21, all four of them, are pretty mundane. Nothing consequential, or earthshaking. And nothing about the surprise he mentioned in his last tweet.

But it's still early days, and Musk might still reveal the meaning of those tweets he exchanged with one of his fans. We hope.

What has Musk been up to since he regained his Twitter voice?

His first tweet, actually a retweet from Teslarati, on Monday said, "Tesla Model 3 wins ‘Car of the Year’ award from prestigious UK auto magazine."

He later followed that up with the first tweet on his account since his return: "Design and order solar to take control of your home's energy production and immediately save on your utility bill." This was a push for Powerwall, as can be seen from the tweet's headline, "Order Tesla Solar + Powerwall battery for 24/7 clean power & no blackouts!"

This tweet seems to have been triggered by the rolling blackout now being inflicted on California by local utility, PG&E. Musk had something to say about this in a retweet from Clean Technica:

"PG&E told regulators in California this week to expect more rolling blackouts during forest fire season for the next ten years."

His last tweet on Tuesday read: "Very likely that a home with clean power that’s lower cost than utility, plus blackout protection via Powerwall, will have a positive effect on value."

Nothing earthshaking in all of this. It's all business: Tesla business and Powerwall business.

It reveals Elon Musk, the businessman. Nothing revelatory about Elon Musk, the man.

But, there's always tomorrow.

Elon Musk Can Elon Musk's Twitter account be shut down? Pictured: Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks during a meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, not shown, at the Zhongnanhai leadership compound on January 9, 2018 in Beijing, China. Photo: Mark Schiefelbein - Pool/Getty Images