Amidst friendly debate with Mark Zuckerberg regarding the future of artificial intelligence and the threat it poses to humans, Elon Musk has been hard at work, or at least his company, The Boring Company has been. Early Wednesday morning on the East Coast, or late Tuesday night on the West Coast, Musk posted a video of the Boring Company’s new car elevator.

The video shows a Tesla, another of Musk’s creations, slowly rolling onto a platform before sinking down into the ground, presumably into a tunnel. The elevator is a key part of his plan to build a network of underground tunnels below Los Angeles. Musk started the company in 2016 to help him achieve his concept of underground travel under cities to alleviate traffic.

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A video released by the company in April shows the concept for the Boring Company tunnels and elevators. The idea is that cars will exit the street full of regular traffic and enter below-ground tunnels to travel through on a high-speed skate instead. These tunnels will be accessible via the car elevator.

Musk’s newest Instagram video shows an elevator similar to the one that appeared in the company video that was released months ago. He announced in June that the company had already begun digging under Los Angeles and was already completing sections of the tunnel. The progress the company has made on the project so far has been quick. But it’s just the start of the 3D network Musk has in mind.

It was only in early July that the steel skeleton of the elevator was installed. Musk teased the elevator on his Twitter when it was still just bare bones. Now less than a month later it is completed and capable of moving an entire car.

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Last week Musk tweeted that he had been given verbal approval to build an underground hyperloop that would connect New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C., a claim that some of his followers on the site questioned. At a TED Talk in May he referred to traffic as “soul-destroying” so it’s not too surprising that the SpaceX and Tesla CEO is looking for a way around it.

While the elevator and start of tunnels is promising there is currently no set date for completion or an estimate of when the tunnels might begin testing or might be available for use.