The “super blood wolf moon” eclipse got everyone excited even SpaceX's very own Elon Musk. The CEO published some photos of the event to show his appreciation, but he might have also hinted at what his company could be planning next. 

One user commented on his photo whether Musk and SpaceX would be exploring the Moon. The CEO simply answered, “Yes.” Previously, Musk talked about SpaceX and its possible Mars exploration. His answer to the latest question appears to suggest that his company may not just be looking forward to stepping onto Mars but the Moon as well. 

However, with Musk's history, some remain skeptical whether SpaceX will be visiting the Moon soon. The executive has been linked to incidents wherein he boasted about plans but only nearly 50 percent of them became true. 

Currently, SpaceX is working on carrying out a Mission to Mars in 2024. The company reportedly has a new rocket prepared but will need to undergo several phases more until it can build a larger one. It will not be a smooth ride for SpaceX given the number of scheduled launches it still has for NASA, including its Starlink satellite internet.

Specifically, SpaceX has been working on pushing its next Falcon Heavy launch despite uncertainties on when it can launch exactly. According to reports, the date may be delayed due to the ongoing government shutdown. The situation has affected NASA's Kennedy Space Center and its contractors. SpaceX's Crew Dragon test launch also got changed. The launch will be bumped at a later date than Jan. 17. 

Previously, the Falcon 9 and the Crew Dragon capsule had been already set up at the Launch Complex 39. Nonetheless, there should be considerable public attention over the Falcon Heavy launch. In 2018, Falcon Heavy's maiden launch gathered as many as 100,000 people at the Space Coast.