Devolver Digital is rolling out a new patch for its bullet hell roguelike video game “Enter the Gungeon.” The PC version of the game already received the Supply Drop update this Thursday, while the PS4 version is getting the free patch next week.

According to Eurogamer, the update has already made it to Steam, so PC players can download it free of charge this week. The Supply Drop update is described as colossal, for it comes with a lot of new content. In fact, there are almost 200 new rooms to explore with this update.

A teaser trailer for the “Enter the Gungeon” Supply Drop update has also been released, and it features some of the great stuff that’s already available on the PC version. For example, the trailer mentions dazzling new guns. Per the patch notes, there are 33 new guns and items players can use in the game. These guns are said to be very interesting not only in terms of their appearance, but also in the mechanism by which they shoot bullets.

Another new feature that’s highlighted in the trailer is the Challenge Mode. By the looks of it and based on its name alone, it’s pretty clear that this mode will be intense. The trailer even showcases a spectacular gameplay involving explosive elements.

The teaser trailer for the update also mentions new bosses and enemies. There are actually seven new enemy types joining the action once the update is installed. Players will also get the chance to meet the new third-floor boos, called the Mine Flayer. Other things to watch out for are the new costumes for secret characters and NPCs.

When it comes to gaming mechanics, the patch adds the option to save and quit per floor. Minor balancing tweaks are also present. For instance, the High Priest is not capable of spawning “wall bullets” inside the room anymore. The tiers of Cog of Battle and Medal of Valor have been increased, while those of the Heck Blaster, Brick of Clash, Smoke Bomb, Iron Coin and Honeycomb were lowered, as per the Steam patch notes.

Finally, the “Enter the Gungeon” patch also has several fixes for bugs and issues that distort the gaming experience. The tinting issue with some Bosses’s VFX has been addressed. The bug that causes no reload bar to appear when reloading quickly with the Cog of Battle has also been remedied.

The new patch for “Enter the Gungeon” is already out on PC, while the PS4 version is receiving it next week. Aside from the Supply Drop update, fans can also expect to see more new content added to the game soon. The developer has already announced that a “full-blown expansion” is already on its way, and it is expected to release either in late 2017 or early 2018.