• Epic Games Store is currently hosting its Summer Sale
  • It also gives away free games every week
  • Once claimed, the games will stay in the user's library forever

Epic Games Store has revealed a list of games that subscribers can get for free this week and the coming week.

The digital game store made the announcement on its official Twitter account Thursday. "Verdun" and "Defense Grid: The Awakening" will be available from Thursday until July 29 on the digital storefront. The retail price of "Verdun" is $9.99 and "Defense Grid: The Awakening" is $19.99.

"Verdun" is a realistic tactical squad-based FPS title with 64-player lobbies. The game is set in the historical location of the Battle of Verdun. Players and their squadmates have to help each other to complete the objectives and to survive.

Epic Games Store Epic Games Store Photo: Epic Games

"Defense Grid: The Awakening" is a tower defense title. It offers 20 different environments, towers and 15 types of enemies. It was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and promoted by Microsoft at its Game Developers Conference in 2008.

For those who have not yet claimed any free game from the Epic Games Store, these titles can only be obtained by the deadline. Once subscribers have claimed them, the games will be a part of their library forever. The digital storefront recently announced a couple more free games.

Next week, fans could get their hands on "Mosthergunship" and the "Train Sim World 2" for free. These titles will be available for free from July 29 until Aug. 5. "Mosthergunship" offers gun-on crafting action. In the game, players will fight bosses and overpower a robotic alien armada that conquered the Earth. 

Players will also battle against different kinds of odds in lethal and non-stop combats that require quick thinking. This game is ideal for FPS fans.

"Train Sim World 2" is a simulation video game released in August 2020. Players will have to master locomotives on high-speed services and engage in precise commuter traffic or long freight hauls. They can also create their scenario in "Train Sim World 2." They can also customize both the trains and their destinations.

Aside from the weekly free games, the Epic Games Store is also currently hosting its Summer Sale.