• Rumors about the next Epic Games Story Mystery Game are rife online
  • Fans are still hoping EGS would make "Tomb Raider" its fourth Mystery Game
  • Epic Games Store hasn't yet revealed the name of next mystery it plans to give out

Epic Games Store has not yet revealed the next Mystery Game for Thursday, but a recent leak may have already identified which game the digital storefront would give away for free in a few days.

The latest information about the supposed next Epic Games Store Mystery Game came from Reddit user DEFALT762. According to them, the next free games from the store's vault would be "Drug Dealer Simulator" and "Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey." Unfortunately, they did not provide any information to back their claim.

To some users, the information is not a leak but more of a prediction of what Epic Games Store would give away starting Thursday. Expectations about the next mystery game are high because the digital storefront gave away AAA titles when it used the mystery game strategy. Some fans are still hoping that the previously leaked game "Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration" would be the fourth free mystery game.

Epic Games Store
Epic Games Store Epic Games

Rumors that the game would be the free mystery game following "NBA2K21" were triggered when the French Facebook account of Epic Games posted the information on May 25. The post came with the hashtag EpicMegaSale along with the game's trailer. However, it turned out that the post was incorrect since EGS offered the online social deduction game "Among Us" as its second free game and so, the post was removed immediately.

Following "Among Us," Epic Games Store on June 3 unveiled its third Mystery Game -- "Frostpunk," which is being given away for free until Thursday. It is an outstanding survival city builder that features a challenging, immersive gameplay loop and remarkable story that stimulates players into rethinking the decisions they make in-game. As for the rumored free Epic Games Store Mystery Game, fans should temper their expectations and treat the latest information as highly speculative.

The Epic Games Store has begun a series of weekly free game downloads to celebrate its Epic Mega Sale. During this period, the digital storefront gives out free games every week. Every Thursday at 11 a.m. ET, EGS gives between one to three free games to its members. To avail free games and other promos, interested parties just need to create a free Epic account and enable the two-factor authentication.