BRUSSELS - The European Union and Brazil will put pressure on the United States Tuesday to set out its demands to conclude the Doha round of world trade talks in 2010 to boost dwindling world trade, a draft document showed.

The draft communique prepared for an EU-Brazil summit on Tuesday and obtained by Reuters, said a commitment by the world's leading and developing economies to reach a deal next year will be at risk unless progress, such as the United States revealing its demands, is made soon.

Brazil and the EU believe that closure of the Doha Round in 2010 should take place on the basis of progress already made, including with regards to modalities, and therefore call on WTO Members to set out any specific demands they may have, the draft said.

The EU and Brazil underline that absent progress within this timeframe, the objective of closing the Round in 2010 will be at risk.

The EU and Brazil also called for trade ministers to meet to specifically discuss progress on Doha before a scheduled full WTO conference in Geneva in December.

(Reporting by Darren Ennis; Editing by Foo Yun Chee)