EVO 2018
We're going to see one of these again this coming August. Pictured: Attendees watch tournament play during day two of EVO 2018 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on August 4, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty Images/Joe Buglewicz

The Evolution Championship Series has released a new announcement about their main stage games for this year. A few staples have not been included, while some of the spots are for games that haven’t been released yet. Here’s what we know about this.

The official announcement, as posted by Mark "Markman" Julio, unveiled the nine games that’ll take the EVO 2019 main stage. Check them out below.

  • "Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]"
  • "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate"
  • "Dragonball FighterZ"
  • "Blazblue Cross Tag Battle"
  • "Tekken 7"
  • "Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition"
  • "Soul Calibur 6"
  • "Mortal Kombat 11"
  • "Samurai Shodown (2019)"

The first seven titles mentioned have long been known for their presence in the competitive fighting games for years. Meanwhile, the latter two are titles that have yet to be released in public, which could mean a fresh face to watch on the EVO livestreams.

While the "Mortal Kombat" series has always been known due to its successes since NetherRealms Studios handled the title, the "Mortal Kombat 11" entry will not be released until April.

The trailers teased that the "Mortal Kombat" series is about to enter some sort of time displacement story where earlier versions of the characters are brought to the current timeline to fight. While the true villain of the game is yet to be known, the game is currently releasing trailers of the new and returning characters to this entry. So far, Johnny Cage is the latest character to be added to the game.

Meanwhile, "Samurai Shodown" is new entry to the SNK fighting game, and it features fictional Japanese swordsmen fighting each other. The game was particularly popular back in the '90s and is now about to get a 2019 remake. The release date for this game is early summer, which could mean the game might be released a month or two before the EVO 2019 starts this August and will have a playable demo by PAX East 2019 on March 28-31 in Boston.

For now, we’ll have to wait for more announcements from Shoryuken and the developers of these games for more updates about the EVO 2019.